Benefit From Our Expertise
& Experience


Franklin Madison International Banking

Major North American Bank
-Reviewed Strategic/operating approach to US Retail -Evaluated Business and Staff
-Developed New Strategic Plan

Major European Bank-U.S. Operations
-Project Planning and Management of operations and IT to Third party provider -Developed and implemented product cost model

Leading European Cooperative Bank
-Replacement of Demand Deposit Accounting System -Workflow, Proof and Reconciliation redesign

Top Ten Latin American Bank
-Due Diligence and advice on beach head investment in US Market

Franklin Madison Domestic Banking

Major Mid Atlantic Region Savings Bank
-Recommended and Implemented new call center operations

Growth Oriented Northeastern Bank Holding Company
-Evaluated Business and operating environment -Developed Strategic Plan

Major Life Insurance Company
-Developed and implemented corrective action programs to remove regulatory transactions in its Banking Subsidiary

Florida Savings Bank
-Conducted Due Diligence for potential investor group

Florida Commercial Banks
-Reviewed potential acquisition candidates for a private equity company

Commercial Bank-Mid Atlantic Region
- Due Diligence for potential investor/private equity

Private Bank- Northeast
-Acted as temporary CFO

Franklin Madison Non-Banking Activities

Venture Capital Investments

-Developed Strategic Plan for a Significant Business Unit of a Major Tech Co.

-Developed New MIS System for a start up Mortgage Servicer

-Evaluated Business and operations for a large mortgage servicer; Completed Strategic plan as well