Benefit From Our Expertise
& Experience

A Unique Team Of Professionals.

Our vision is to enable CEOs and Senior Executives at smaller institutions to have access to a senior executive management team that typically such institutions could not afford to hire as full-time employees.

Unlike typical bank consultants, each member of our team is a former senior executive, with at least 25 years of managerial experience in his/her field. For each, this experience includes 'top of house' responsibility at leading money centers, super-regional and thrift institutions.

Beyond this experience, the team has worked together since the early '90s. This shared experience enables the Franklin Madison team to view each client situation from the framework of an integrated business, resulting in more insightful assessments and more workable, more impactful recommendations. In short, as a Franklin Madison client you will have access to a unique, seasoned executive team that "has been there, done that!"